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[Hera] HERA Signia (Anti aging) Trial Kit - 3 items

[Hera] HERA Signia (Anti aging) Trial Kit - 3 items

Made in Korea
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HERA Signia (Anti aging) Trial Kit - 3 items

Hera regenerates the skin, solving all skin problems perfectly. Suitable for all skin types to regenerate your skin like baby skin
Provides nutrients to the skin to improve wrinkles and firmness, notably helping to restore the skin's natural firmness, health and beauty.

The set includes:

Signia Hand Cream 60ml, Serum signia 10ml, Signia Face Cream 10ml.
* Signia facial cream 10ml: Helps accelerate the regeneration process, replacing old cells under the skin to be replaced with firm and smooth skin. Helps to keep skin beautiful, young and full of life
* Serum signia 10ml: Whitening, resurfacing and moisturizing anti-aging. Protects skin against harmful environmental factors, reduces dark spots, dark spots and dislodges hidden signs of melasma from within. Improve skin nourishment and skin elasticity, smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
*Signia Hand Cream 60ml: Helps smooth the skin, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging for hands, supplement vitamins and nutrients for the skin, in addition, it also has a whitening effect. The cream is not sticky when used, the scent is light.

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